Our recipe for success is convincing and simple :

Independent consulting
Because of the consistent renunciation of the use of our own hardware we can guarantee an independent consulting and fittings.

Specialized project teams
Our pool of experienced employees ensure you individual choice of the teams of experts that are optimally designed for your needs.

Made-to-measure services
We offer full-service technically and logistically out of one hand from the early stage of planning up to the finishing stage. Furthermore you can make use of our services selectively – depending on how your event, your partners and your budget require.

Profit from our many years of know-how in every phase of your project.


Your ideas are on trial
Combine your creative potential of your teams with our expertise. So you'll make sure about the perfect possibilities to implement your ideas long before the beginning of the project and have control over concrete suggestions for the target groups pleasing, budget-oriented and efficient realization of your events.

Planning and development

The foundation of your event
A thorough planning is the most important guarantor of success for you event. All technical and logistical details at this stage will be developed by us, obligingly defined and legally secured, so that your plannings and costs are assured early.

Coordination and realization

For the smooth flowing of your event
We give you experts who are responsible for the technical and logistical realization and who coordinate all technical craftsmen according to schedule and budget. We make sure that your event goes smoothly locally and that your mind is free for the contents concerning the event – and of course for your guests.

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