Saisho Goma Berlin.

for mfe. GmbH
Technical planning, light design, projection design, sound design, tender coordination, project coordination.
Design/ architecture: WHITE ELEMENTS

On June 21st 2009 it was ready, after long projecting and planning the SaishoGoma ceremony for peace and harmony of the Buddhist order Shinnyo took place in the Berlin Velodrom.

The event was meant to open the perception of the visitors for something new. In the Berlin Velodrom we broke the artistical and standardized boundaries, composition, architecture, light design and media became part of the intensive dialog. Based on the independence of the arts and the ceremonial acts, the production created suitable bridges and put the 3300 international guests in a balanced atmosphere.

(source: mfe GmbH)

CWP took on the technical concept and planning as well as the processing of all contents of the tenders and – documents for the technical craftsmen, the light, sound and projection design plus the coordination of all craftsmen and the technical project management locally on behalf of the mfe. GmbH Berlin and won with this event the BEA Tech Award 2010.
The Saisho Goma in Berlin had a special meaning for Shinnyo-En. After all Berlin, which has been the center of the reunification of Germany, is till today a symbol for the “UNITY IN THE DIVERSITY” sought in Buddhism, and that is of a high importance in the doctrines of Shinnyo-En and for about one million believers worldwide. Our solemn Buddhist ceremony in Berlin had as a motto “Let's build bridges”.

The Buddhist Goma-ceremony was the central element of the one and a half hours lasting event. It was performed by the head of the order Shinso Ito himself. Visitors were believers from all of Europe and beyond it. However representatives of other religions were explicitly invited. That's why the ceremony began with choirs of different world religions – signs for the harmonious cohabitation which is particularly important for Shinnyo-En.The Islam was represented by the choir of Kreuzberg for Turkish classical music of the conservatory for Turkish music in Berlin. The Synagogal-Ensemble-Berlin of the synagogue in Charlottenburg Pestalozzistraße was present for the Jewish belief. The choir of the chantry of the passion church in Berlin Kreuzberg sang on belief of the Christian religion. Also Shinnyo-En's Shomyo-choir who has singers from Germany, France, Holland and Japan performed. Traditional Japanese Taiko-drummer and the choir of the Berlin Gropiuslerchen took part as well. Within the frame of the Saisho-Goma-ceremony the children's choir of the Neukölln Sonnen-elementary school had their première. The choir started in May through the initiative of Shinnyo-En and is equipped with a long-term budget. His aim is to mediate pleasure to socially unprivileged children and to let them know playfully that people of different origin and different religion can have fun and with the help of music they can give pleasure to others. (source: Shinnyo-En)

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